About Us

Today we are living in an information intensive society. In order for business to not only thrive, but succeed and surpass the competition they must be proficient in IT/IS technology. This technology is not only very sophisticated, but is changing and growing at a very rapid pace. New equipment and technologies are being introduced every day, and to stay ahead of the curve you need a company that can keep you there through superior knowledge and experience in all areas of the IT world. Westgate Networks will serve you well at that task.

The price of actually being behind the curve is poorly integrated networks that are inflexible and incapable of changing and growing with your needs, thereby constraining your company and inhibiting your information process and flow, which translates to inefficiency and costly modifications to an inadequate network/computer system.

At Westgate we recognize the importance of any network to the infrastructure of a business. However, PC and software support are often equally important. In addition to network services, we provide experienced help desk support. This includes expert desktop support for your PC's regardless what type of hardware or software issues you may be experiencing.

Additionally, Westgate Networks offers whole-system administration for operational efficiency across your entire infrastructure; PC & Software, to Networks, Security, Storage and Web Design. Look to Westgate to insure system reliability and security protocols as well. At Westgate, we provide security consultation and support to insure the maximum safeguards for your valuable data-storage and retrieval. We also provide invaluable and cost effective backup solutions, which vary in size and complexity depending on the volume and frequency of your data storage requirements.

Westgate provides advanced level troubleshooting at all level of the IT/IS structure. You can be assured that Westgate meets its clients and projects, regardless of size - with expertise and enthusiasm, eliciting a teamwork environment not only among our employees, but our clients as well. Westgate offers a total solution approach so our clients will be familiar with us and our services anytime they have a computer or network question or issue. This alleviates the need to consult with multiple companies who will have to spend valuable time acquainting themselves with your systems particularities.